Charm Date Review

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Overview of Charm Date

Charm date is an international dating website for men and women to find a husband or wife from Russia or Ukraine. Charm Date is part of the Qpid Network. Qpid is the company that also runs the dating sites:,, and Dating overseas may not be the first thought in someone’s head when it comes to finding your soulmate because there are not only barriers of distance but barriers of language and culture as well. But, Charm Date makes it possible to do so. Think beyond borders, think long term love, think Charm Date.

Charm Date Focus

The focus of Charm Date alongside all of the other three Qpid Network international dating websites is to bridge the gap between individuals that is created but distance and culture. Why can’t an American man meet, date, and then marry a woman from thousands of miles away? The answer is, he can. Technology today has created such a close web of connections with people that we only would dream of talking to decades ago.

Sign-up Process

The sign-up process for Charm Date is easy. All you need to register is an email, password, an open heart, and eventually a credit card. You will also need to fill out a 3-step profile for this dating site. Charm Date takes the information that you fill out and matches you with potential suitors according to likeness.

Charm Date Signup Process

There are three ways to meet your match

1. Who Matches Me

In this section of the search for love, Charm Date has compiled a list of women that fit the descriptions that you posted in your profile when you signed up for the dating website. This is a fast way to sort the women out that would not fit into your lifestyle. The best news is, the site does all the sorting for you.

Charm Date Who Matches Me

2. Online Ladies

This is a tab that is available to click on that allows you to see which ladies are currently online. One of the pitfalls of dating a woman abroad is the time difference. Therefore, in order to find your best match, you need to adjust your dating website search times to when the most women are online. That is typically during the day. It may be 2am for you but who needs sleep when you can find love!

Charm Date Online Ladies

3. Quick Search & Advanced Search

  • In the “quick search” section of this site there is the option to choose which age range you would like your woman to be between.
  • In the “advanced search” section of this site there are a few more questions to answer about what you want in a woman. This is similar to the “matches for you” except YOU determine the parameters to which she is chosen. You have the ability to narrow down the search from eye color to zodiac sign. The possibilities are endless.

Charm Date Quick Search & Advanced Search

Safety and Security

It is not only enough to have a reputable website, but as a user you must be smart as well when online dating. Charm Date is a safe and secure international dating website. This site also provides you with tips on how to be a smart dater to avoid scam and heartbreak. Charm Date is in partner with GeoTrust and TrustWave to ensure your safety and security as a user. Also, as I have mentioned before, Charm Date is a part of a larger network, Qpid, this ensures legitimacy as well.

Charm Date Subscription Prices

The initial membership is free of purchase, however this does not give you the flexibility to do much more than email your mate back and forth a few times. To purchase a subscription choose the “Go Premium” icon in the top bar. From there you can select and pay for a monthly subscription for $9.99 per month. The first month is a deal for only $3.99. The difference of basic and premium are as follows:

Charm Date Subscription Prices

As you can see, there is much more opportunity for success with the premium subscription. It is possible to maintain a starter membership for a while but a premium membership is recommended to have the most “wooing” potential from Charm Date. Payment is not only simple, it is secure. That is a guarantee.

Charm Date Pros

  • Charm Date allows you to talk to men and women from Russia and Ukraine with no fear of the unknown because they provide a translator for you. The stress of not understanding your date is thrown out the door. That is a major plus for an international dating website.
  • The username and password is an account for all four Qpid Network international dating websites, therefore it is simple to bounce from site to site with the click of a button.

Charm Date Cons

  • You are not allowed to view all photos without a premium subscription. Everything costs credits to view. Videos are only available to premium members that purchase credits.
  • The pop-up chats on the side are a bit annoying if you are trying to focus on another aspect of the site.

Charm Date Cons

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