Bridge Of Love Review

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Overview of Bridge of Love

Bridge of Love is an international dating website that allows individuals to meet Russian women. Bridge of Love prides themselves on the authenticity and uniqueness of Russian woman. They boast to be among to best of the best as far as both homemakers and wives. It is rare to find a woman that is one hundred percent perfect across the board, but on Bridge of Love; you will.

Bridge of Love Overview

Bridge of Love Focus

This site knowingly admits to not being at the top of the heap when it comes to dating websites. However, this is a dating website that is passionate about finding a true love match for its members. The main focus of this dating website is for you to find love in the arms of a beautiful Russian woman. The goal is to register for Bridge of Love, begin chatting online with potential suitors, chat through video, meet-up in person and then be together for a long term relationship. That is a tall order to fill, love is difficult to find. Through using Bridge of Love you will find ease of meeting your soulmate and bridge the gap between other countries to fall in love.

Bridge of Love Focus

Sign­up Process

Similar to most dating sites there is a simple sign-up process. Enter your email and password into the login menu and let the fun begin! After confirming your email with the company you can begin looking for love. There is also an option to connect your Facebook page with your Bridge of Love page. This way you can share will all your friends what a wonderful time you are having on this dating website.

Bridge of Love Signup Process

There are three ways to meet your match

1. Girls Online

This is a section of the website that shows which girls are currently online and are ready to chat now. This helps determine how quickly you will get a response. There is also a chat option to schedule a time to chat. This is great because there will typically be a time difference between you and your date.

2. Video Search

Women post videos to Bridge of Love and you may watch them to get to know the women that are looking for love. Some videos are more formal than others and some are just their to create passion.

3. Women's Gallery

This is the tab that shows ALL of the women. In this section to search for women you can search all different types. You check boxes to specify your needs and wants.

Bridge Of Love Online Now

Safety and Security

The idea of dating overseas is worrisome but not if you are a member on Bridge of Love you do not have to fear of scams. Bridge of Love has an anti-scam policy to ensure the safety of your security online as well as guarantee the women are who they say they are on the other end of the computer. Not only do the women on this site go through a three step process to get featured on Bridge of Love, they also must participate in Skype check-ins to communicate to the Bridge of Love staff to make sure they remain authentic.

Bridge of Love Subscription Prices

At first sign-in you are granted one dollar in credits for the website. One credit will not get you very far because the only thing that is free on this site is checking your inbox messages. You must purchase credits in order to further your conversations with woman on this site. There are six levels of membership on Bridge of Love.

  • Member (Free)
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

Bridge of Love Subscription Prices

Bridge of Love Subscription Prices

Bridge of Love Pros

  • The long awaited day has come to meet your girl in her country. Bridge of Love provides services to book an apartment and car rental for you. This is a nice perk for the dating website. There is also a service that will provide an interpreter for you if that is necessary for your stay as well. That among other things is a great weight taken off your shoulders for your visit.
  • There are so many suitors to choose from. Each unique in her own way and the variety is endless. There is no way you will be single for much longer after becoming a member on Bridge of Love.

Bridge of Love Pros

Bridge of Love Cons

  • As I search and scan through the website I grow a bit confused with the setup. The site is difficult to navigate and I am not always certain what will pop up.
  • The credit system is skewed to favor video chats. Not only does it cost a lot of credits to chat through text but if you want to commit to more than just words on a page and hear the voice of your soon to be true love, it comes at a price.

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